Preferred Broker Program

At BizON we provide our users with a seamless, resourceful and supportive experience when looking to buy, sell and grow a business. Along this journey, some business owners, franchise owners and entrepreneurs are in need of more assistance, therefore, looking for a full brokerage offer.  

We enable our users to submit a request to connect with local and qualified business brokers that:

A) Align with BizON customer service and professionalism.

B) Can help them efficiently and effectively sell their business. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • HOT LEADS! You will receive qualified, pre-vetted leads from BizON. The leads are BizON users looking to engage in full brokerage service for the sale of their business or franchise.
  • Each lead comes with a free 12 month BizON listing in order to create as much exposure as possible.
  • All preferred brokers are eligible for a 40% discount on all other 'Self Serve' listings.

What Does It Cost?

We have 2 options:

1) Subscription Based Listing Service

2) Dynamic Success Service

Apply below and chat with us to find which option is a better fit!

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